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    I live in DC so when I hear Virginia I think of the state. (I’m there almost every day and went to college in Virginia). But if I could put that aside I think of it as rather regal and elegant.

    I tend to think of Virginia as a sort of virtue name. Virgin in this case meaning pure and un-affected by human activity. It was also the name given to the first English child born in the New World.
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    Yeah, the full name probably has some teasing potential among primary school kids, as have many names. I'm not sure why 'virgin' is so bad though- I'd much rather have a name meaning 'virgin' than 'slag'. Society's come to something when being a virgin is looked down upon, yeesh. I'm not so keen overall. It sounds distinctly American to me. I think it's clunky and, from what I have read/watched of Virginia Woolf, she's not someone I'd be keen to have as a namesake. I agree with the above poster though- in the middle perhaps it wouldn't bother you so much. Personally, I'd rather be a Dulcie/Nancy/Eilidh Virginia, than have it as a first name, though that's because I far prefer those names :/

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    I'm neutral on the name because I can't get past the "I'd rather be in Virginia" advertising from the state. There's a TV show where the husband wears an "I'd rather be in Virginia" t-shirt and that's his wife's name.

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    I love Virginia. I had a friend named Virginia, K-8th grade, no one teased her. Of course, I knew someone named Grace who was mercilessly bullied and called "Grease" and "Greasy" until high school. So, you really never know. I would be a little more worried about teasing if I lived in a country where, as you say, it is a very uncommon name. In the US, people don't bat an eye at the "virgin" association.... which, on its own, I have no problem with. To me, the concept of virginity isn't just a patriarchal farce intended to strip women of their power. It reminds me of the beauty of childhood, and the beauty of what comes after. I find virginity to be a very positive association.
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    is a gorgeous name and I say ignore the imbeciles who joke about virgins and vaginas.

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