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    How to honor David?

    My husband and I just found out we are having a little boy. We really want to honor my father in law David. So my question is do you think Davin (pronounced like Gavin with a D) is a good choice? My husband hates Dawson so that's out. Also our first sons name is Rhiley Kane and we would like them to sound good together. Thanks

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    This will probably be a bit out there - but how about Rawiri? It's the Maori version of David, often shortened to Ra. Might be too matchy with Rhiley though, and probably a bit exotic.

    Davin is cool though, I could see a lot of mispronouncing as Day-vin though, which if that would bother you how about:

    Tavi/Taavi (another exotic one - this is Finnish and Estonian version of David)

    best of luck!
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    I like...

    Davenport. Daven is evidently a Scandinavian form of David. Dav, Daven, Dave, Davy, Davey, Ven, Port, Porter.

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    What about Rhiley and Davis?

    You could also use a name with David's meaning, 'beloved.'

    'Jed' is a short version of 'Jedidiah' which means 'beloved of the Lord.' There's also Kevin ('handsome beloved') and Rasmus (Rhiley and Rasmus?)

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    My Dad's name is Taavi (my grandparents were Estonian). I think it is a great name! I also had a friend who's husband's name is David (and his family is Lithuanian). They considered Taavi as a way to honour David. Though it may not appeal to you if you don't have a connection to that part of the world :smile:

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