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    I like both Maeve and Eloise a lot, though I think both of them are going to increase in popularity. I really hate Creedance, to be honest. What about Providence?

    Pavot, pronounced pa-VOH, comes to mind for some reason. French for "poppy."

    I love the suggestions of Jessamy and Anais!

    Tanith Lynn / Tanis Lynn
    Winsome Lynn
    Olympia Lynn
    Aurelia Lynn
    Peninnah Lynn
    Zipporah Lynn
    Galilea Lynn / Galilee Lynn
    Elsinore Lynn
    Tempe Lynn
    Astoria Lynn
    Hesper Lynn
    Gardenia Lynn
    Renata Lynn
    Elidi Lynn
    Tesni Lynn
    Zinnia Lynn
    Saffron Lynn
    Tenzin Lynn
    Piera Lynn

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    I've got a 5 year old Beckett and his sister's name is Gwyneth. Gwen and Becks for short. Definitely the only ones with those names I've ever met. Good luck!

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    Godot? (just kidding)

    It is lovely to honor your mom.

    I love Belinda, with its nicknames of Lin, Lindy, and Linnet.

    Linnet itself is cute too.

    Linnea is a possibility.
    And if it were a boy, Linus is darling.

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    Linnea is a great idea to honor a Lynn. But if you are set on Lynn as the middle.... Eloise and Maeve are both lovely. Maeve Lynn is a bit choppy, Maeva or Mavis would fix that. You could still call her Maeve for short. A few other ideas:

    Etta Lynn
    Coretta Lynn (nn Etta)
    Esme Lynn
    Vesper Lynn
    Juniper Lynn
    Fiora Lynn
    Aurora Lynn (nn Rory?)
    Annora Lynn
    Althea Lynn
    Cassia Lynn

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