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    Rename the Bates Kids

    This game is based off of the 19 Bates children from the UPtv show Bringing Up Bates. You can keep, swap, change the first name, change the middle name or use initials to create a new name. I got the idea from the Rename the Duggars game. Enjoy.

    Parents: Gilvin (Gil) & Kelly Jo Bates

    DS: Zachary Gilvin (Zach)
    DD: Michael Christian (SHE goes by "Michaella")
    DD: Erin Elise
    DS: William Lawson (Lawson)
    DS: Kenneth Nathaniel (Nathan)
    DD: Alyssa Joy
    DD: Tori Layne
    DS: Trace Whitfield
    DD: Carlin Brianne
    DD: Josie Kellyn
    DD: Katie Grace
    DS: Jackson Ezekiel
    DS: Warden Justice
    DS: Isaiah Courage
    DD: Addallee Hope
    DD: Ellie Bridget
    DD: Callie Anna Rose
    DS: Judson Wyatt
    DS: Jeb Colton

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    Midwestern USA
    DS: Zachary Paul (changed MN)
    DD: Michaela Christine (initials)
    DD: Erin Elise (kept)
    DS: William Lance (changed MN)
    DS: Nathaniel Kenneth (swapped)
    DD: Alyssa Joy (kept)
    DD: Victoria Layne (changed FN)
    DS: Torrence Walter (initials)
    DD: Carlin Brianne (kept)
    DD: Josselin Kelly (initials)
    DD: Katherine Grace (changed FN)
    DS: Jackson Ezekiel (kept)
    DS: Edward Justice (changed FN)
    DS: Isaiah Richard (changed MN)
    DD: Adeline Hope (changed FN)
    DD: Eleanor Brooke (initials)
    DD: Calista Anna Rose (changed FN)
    DS: Judson Wyatt (kept)
    DS: Jared Colton (changed FN)

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    Slytherin Teenberry, Swen

    Matilda Simone, Irene Seraphina, Octavia Beatrix

    Felix Peregrine, Clement Magnus, Theodore Galileo

    Leia, Cressida, Merlina, Cordelia, Leontine, Griselda, Conal, Dashiell, Viggo, Cosmo, Peregrine, Jupiter, Bellatrix, Sophronia, Noam, Salvador, Evander, Oliverio, Regina, Helena, Georgia, Isabel, Eva, Anastasia

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    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    DS: Zachary Charles (changed mn) {Zach}
    DD: Michaela Christine (initials)
    DD: Erin Elise (kept)
    DS: William Lawson (kept)
    DS: Kaleb Nathaniel (changed fn)
    DD: Allison Joy (changed fn)
    DD: Layne Victoria (swap and changed mn)
    DS: Trace Warrington (changed mn)
    DD: Cassandra Belle (initials) {Callie}
    DD: Josie Katelyn (changed mn)
    DD: Katherine Grace (changed fn)
    DS: Jackson Arthur (changed mn)
    DS: Warden Justice (kept)
    DS: Isaiah Tanner (changed mn)
    DD: Addallee Hope (kept)
    DD: Bridget Ellie (swap)
    DD: Anna Rose (changed fn)
    DS: Jude Wyatt (changed fn)
    DS: Joseph Christian (initials)
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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