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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP With Our 3rd Boy Name!!

    We just found out we're having another boy and my husband and I CANNOT agree on anything! We still have until the end of May but it's driving me crazy because with our first two we were able to find names we both loved relatively quickly.

    I would love ANY help or suggestions!! We have 2 boys: Reo (prounounced like Rio) and Gus. (Our last name is Jolley).

    Their full names are Reynold and Atticus. We didn't plan on giving both boys nicknames, only with Reo, but for Gus it just fit him. We thought it might be fun to keep following our "trend" and perhaps find a name that could also be shortened into a nickname, but it's not necessary.

    We definitely like names that aren't super common. Also, this baby boy will be born in Germany as that's where we're living right now, but we'll be returning to the US when he's about 1. My grandmother's German and her maiden name is Seibt so we might use that as a middle name, but not set on it either. It might be a little complicated as a middle name but we would love to have somewhat of a German connection with his middle name...but we are so indecisive about every part of naming this future baby!!

    I wish I had some names to mention that we're currently considering but so far, nothing...any help??? We are open to anything!!

    Baby Boy Jolley
    ? Seibt Jolley (possible middle name - too complicated/hard to pronounce?)

    I think that's enough info; sorry for rambling! And, thank you so much for your help!!

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    I have no idea how to pronounce Seibt, but I love the connection.

    Arthur- Artie
    Cedric- Ced
    Cormac- Mac or Cory
    Everett- Rhett
    Phineas- Finn
    Sebastian- Seb
    Dexter- Dex
    Asher- Ash

    German middle ideas:
    Beckett Booker Cormac Cruz Dashiell Donovan Finn Hudson Jude Matteo Miles Zane

    Bronwyn Cameron Delilah Georgia Lark Maisie Paloma Sam Sasha Siena Violet Willa

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    Reynold and Atticus, ( reo and Gus Jolley )
    Stefan nickname Van?
    Middle name Seibt:

    Stefan Seibt Jolley

    Emeric Seibt Jolley nickname could be Rhys, Eric, mick, etc

    Emmett Seibt Jolley nn could be mitt, Mitch, etc

    Alaric Seibt Jolley, aka: ace, Aries, Rick, al, etc

    according to my name book, those are all German and I would assume spelled this way.

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    It's my cousin!!

    Oh my goodness!! It's my cousin! Too funny--I can't believe I found you here. Hopefully you know who this is--I'll try to keep things anonymous. Sounds like we are struggling with the same problem! I'm on here almost every day because we cannot think of a name for our fourth baby boy. We so thought it was going to be a girl, we had a girl's name picked out and everything and now we can't agree on a thing for this "surprise" boy. And we're thinking of using Townsend as a middle name.

    I love your boys' names and I love the nicknames. Let me see if I can think of some suggestions for you that aren't real possibilities for us.

    Dashiell (nickname Dash)
    Soren (this is my husband's favorite--it's not mine, but it might work for you)
    Sullivan (Sully or Van)

    I don't know of any if those are your style, but I've been drowning in boys' names lately so those are some I've come across that I've liked. But either the husband doesn't like them or we know a kid with that name or, more than anything, they just don't feel right, you know?

    Good luck! Hope you get some good suggestions. I'll follow your thread.

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    Thank you so much for your help!! These are some great suggestions. There are several I really love. And how funny to see one of my cousins on here! Small world!!

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