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    Ideas to honor Carol Anne?

    Hubby and I would love to honor a wonderful woman from his family, Carol Anne. Double-barrel names are quite common in his family, and he is NOT a fan of the double-barrel name. Right now, we're TTC, and thinking of a creative way to honor a wonderful woman with a name we're not too fond of.

    We've thought of Coralie or Carolyn. That's it. We're also wondering if we can think of any male names to honor her, as we don't know if we'll end up with a boy or girl.

    While we're both *usually* interested in the meaning of the name, we've decided to (possibly) let it slide with our (hypothetical) next child.

    I picked our daughter's middle and would not budge. He hated her middle name, but it was absolutely necessary to me to name my first born after my grandmother or grandfather. I let him choose her first name, which had to be something I liked just enough to put on the birth certificate, but was certainly not my first choice. The next time, he gets to choose the middle, and I have more sway on the first name. He has asked me, the name nerd, to give him suggestions for Carol Anne.

    Maybe something with a similar meaning to Carol Anne? We'll definitely go for a similar sound. We are very fond of honoring our heritage-- so any names from French, Slavic, or UK languages would be especially lovely to our ears.

    Hoping my fellow berries can make some fine suggestions. The more suggestions, the better. I'm open to any and all suggestions, because we've made it a point that we're set on our first name choices and will not be discussing them with anyone until he or she is born. I like the first and middle to have a nice flow for when he or she is causing trouble, it sounds nice to shout in public places ;-)

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    Boys names- much harder!
    Carl/ Karl
    Ciaran/ Kieran

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    Ciaran is a lovely one for a boy! I really like that it has many of the same letters as Carol Anne. I'm absolutely perplexed on the boys names to honor Carol Anne. You gave me enough ideas to get started.

    I'm wondering how far of a "stretch" from Carol Anne we can go and still satisfy my husband, lol.

    Cerys happens to be on my top 10 list of girls names ;-) Husband happens to like it, too.

    Thanks lilea! :-)

    Hoping more berries will chime in with a few gems of suggestions.

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    For a boy: Lorcan ( has all of the letters of Carol, and end in an "AN" sound. It is somewhat popular in Ireland, and occasionally ranks on the English/Welsh list. It is currently unranked.

    Other boy ideas: Carl, Cale, Calum / Callum

    Anica (Serbian)
    Aniela (Polish)
    Anika / Annika
    Carin (Swedish spelling according to
    Carine (French)
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