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    Is Vladimir really unusable?

    Hello Berries,

    Does Vladimir really sound too much like a vampire ? Is Putin the first thing that comes to mind? Can that association (and to some degree, Lenin, whose first name was also Vladimir) be overcome ? In other words, do you think that a little Vladimir would be teased (or feared!) all his life outside of Eastern Europe (my husband is Romanian/American and I'm French with Yugoslavian origins but we live in Belgium and might move back to the US) ? Thank you in advance for your honest opinions !

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    do think of Putin, but I also think of Nabokov. Am hoping that was his first name, might be having a senior moment.

    I think outside the US it would work better than inside the US.

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    I do think Vladimir is a name that has great teasing potential

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    Nabokov is where my brain first goes then perhaps to Putin. I don't think it's unusable.

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    I think Vladimir is a very cool name and my European friends tell me that Russian and Slavic names are very chic. In the U.S., it's going to sound "foreign" in the sense of being a name from somewhere else that's never really assimilated into the U.S. lexicon, perhaps because of its identification with a kind of Cold War movie villain Eastern European stereotype....sort of like Boris or Olga. And of course there is Vlad the Impaler. But hey, vampires are stylish and sexy these days...
    Pam Satran

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