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    I would avoid the initials "A.N.L." too. Also, if the meaning is very important to you I want to point out, that Myles does not mean "Gift from God". Where did you get that? When it comes to meanings, most websites can not be trusted, one of them is nameberry. Only trust the source if it gives you the language and the words the name derives from.

    I found the meaning "dear, mild" (origin the Germanic word "mel") in my most trusted book. Behind the name says it could be a variation of Milo and therefor derive from the Slavic element "mil" meaning "gracious". It also says, that the real meaning and origin is not clear.

    So if the meaning is very important to you, I'd try to find something else.

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    still not loving the boys names with ur girl name as someone else said they are just not different enough to match the girl seems abit mismatched! if I had to pick out of the names I would go for emerson as a first name!

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    I agree with the style issues but I think if you went with

    Noelle Anaya and Myles Emerson you would have a lovely set. Miles and Noelle is lovely.

    I have a son named Miles and I can guarantee that you will love this name for your son so if you feel that Noelle would fit in the first name spot I would definitely use it.

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    With Anaya I like Myles Greyson. I like the Miles spelling better, though. Are you thinking of using the Myles spelling because both names would contain the letter "y"?
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    Oh wow… that makes so much sense.
    This is a massive list of names that all mean gift from God, A-Z….if that helps at all!
    From the list I like Micah, Matthias, Theodore, Nathan, and Zane.
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