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    Name the babies G1 Results! (lovemybabies29)

    Family #1: The Henderson's
    Regina Lillian & Justin Paul
    DS: Caspian Douglas (smaugthestupendous)
    DS: River Thaddeus (smaugthestupendous)
    DD/DD/DD: Bay Aurora / Harbor Belle / Brook Rosalind (ellastark)
    DP: Droplet (logicpuzzler)

    Family #2: The Milford's
    Corina Isolde & Edwin Nicholas Milford
    DD/DD: Ava Siobhan/Isa Ethne (peachysmiles)
    DS: Ezra Jordan (lilnugget)
    DS: Ashton Connor (bowtiful)
    DD/DD: Anabel Corrine & Emilee Winifred (lilnugget)

    Family #3: The West's
    Betsan Fiona & Bradley Cole
    DD: Tayla Eclipse (peachysmiles)
    DD: Emina Mist (minisia)
    ADS: Kija Salem (logicpuzzler)
    DD: Arianwen Sapphire (smaugthestupendous)
    ADS: Alaric Silver (peachysmiles)

    Family #4: The Vance's
    Savannah Rose & Carter Thomas
    DS: Kevin Charles (logicpuzzler & claraoswinoswald)
    DS/DD: Timothy Jameson/Maryjo Nicola (lilnugget)
    DD: Alexis Wren (eastcoastkiter)
    DP1: Hazel (bb)
    DP2: Mabel (logicpuzzler & lilnugget)

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