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    Your name is Angela Winnifred Gray and your husband's name is Aiden Orion Gray. You live in Annapolis, have been happily married for over twenty years, with grown children, successful careers, you as a book store owner and your husband as a Firefighter, and have one big modern family.

    How many kids do you have?
    6. Two

    CHILD #1

    Is a boy named Declan James. He is the protective, dependable, and smart big brother. He went into the army straight out of high school and served for five years after graduating from college. After leaving the military, he got a career as an editor at a big publisher. He is married to a woman he met while stationed in Alaska, her name is Elsa Jane, and they have three children, Annabel Reese, Sebastian Cole, and Lucy Paige.

    CHILD #2

    Is a boy named Conor Llewellyn. He is a sweet, caring, and friendly boy that came out of the closet as gay when he was in high school. For which the rest of the family is completely fine with. He is married to his long-time partner, Westley Lincoln Vincent and your son works as an architect while his husband stays home with the children. Together with his partner, your son has three adoptive children, Elijah Thomas, Samuel Lucas, & Sofia Audrey.

    We have/had 4 pets, a greyhound named Pierce, a dalmation named Vassar, a ragdoll cat named Campbell, and when the boys were young, a turtle named Torque.

    List your modern family here:
    Angela & Aiden
    Declan (Married Elsa, kids Annabel, Sebastian, and Lucy)
    Conor (Married Westley, kids Elijah, Samuel, and Sofia)

    And pets Pierce, Vassar, Campbell, and Torque.
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