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    Question Olivia and Majken

    I think DH and I may be a bit closer to finalising the girls' new names. We had a hard time picking these out and knowing him he will change his mind by tomorrow. Right now we really love Olivia Cate (Livi) and Majken Jay (M.J.) I feel it's a good compromise we have something unique spelling wise and name wise and a bit of something more traditional which is what he wants. Thoughts?
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    Both are nice, although Olivia is infinitely more common than Majken.

    Also, I find it a little bit less-than-lovely the way that the pronunciation of Majken is unclear, at least to American English speakers. May-ken or My-ken (I know it's the latter, but with the j already in there complicating things, I find myself forgetting what the proper pronunciation is). I find that the middle name Jay influences my reading of the first name, so that I'm likely to pronounce it may-ken jay rather than my-ken jay (which is hard to say. I want to say my-ken jeye).

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    I think that if it's hard for you to agree on names, those are two fine ones you've chosen. I can see "Livi and M.J." as a pair running around the preschool playground.

    If it were me I'd probably use two names a little closer to each other in popularity. Not even necessarily within 200 rankings of each other. Olivia is one of the most popular and recognizable girl names in the country, and Majken is probably unheard of to many people. I don't think sibling names have to "match," per se, but this pair may raise some eyebrows or cause some sore feelings -- for either the girl who has the very popular name and wants something more unusual, or for the one with the unusual name who is sick of spelling it for everyone.

    If this is a concern for you, then you may want to think of keeping one of these names, but changing the other to one of more middling popularity (like the level of your older daughter Genevieve - you don't meet dozens of Genevieves, but it's familiar. Then, whether you go with the unusual but sweet Majken or the well-liked Olivia, the other name will not seem SO different from it).

    As I said, though, if that isn't something that will make a difference to you, there is nothing wrong with either name!
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    I actually really like Majken, although it seems a little odd next to the ever-so-popular Olivia. I agree with daisychain, I thought it was pronounced May-ken because of Jay, but once that was cleared up, I fell in love with Majken.
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    Congrats on your twin girls! I, too, have twin girls and they are a LOT of fun! I think Olivia Cate is great, and I like Majken a lot. Would you consider a more obviously feminine middle name for Majken? I think it would make the two names meld much better - Olivia Cate defines ' classic female', paired with the spunky nn. Majken is sweet and spunky, too, but much less known, and with Jay it almost looks/reads 'male'. Could you use the nn "Emme' - as in "M-E" instead, or Maysie? To me MJ also reads very ambiguous male/female wise. MJ also immediately reminds me of Michael Jackson for some reason...maybe that is me (and probably that is irrelevant), but I just don't think 'girl' when I see or hear it. Especially with twin sis 'Livi' Cate.

    Do you like any other clearly feminine middles - Majken Rose, Majken Elise, etc?

    My other suggestion would be to use Majken Olivia/Olivia Majken for one daughter (Livi Maj is great!), which is lovely, and then choose another somewhat unusual first name for the other girl, with Cate or Catherine as the middle, or if you go with Olivia Majken, then Catherine first, then (Saskia), etc... (Saskia is just an example!)

    Good luck!

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