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    Why Steal Male Names???

    I have long loved female names (since birth almost) and have recently become far more interested in male names.

    I am excited to see all the choices out there for male names.

    What I do not get is why parents would give male names to their daughters.

    It seems highly obnoxious to me, as though there aren't a bazillion incredible female names already out there to keep people from poaching male names.

    And I am not talking about unisex names like Riley and Rory and Andy.

    I am talking about Theo and James and Charles.

    Do girls really need to steal James? Because in this homophobic culture of ours (USA), if a name has a whiff of the female about it, it tends to be dropped as a male name.

    We don't see boys being named Charlotte and Sarah and Linda. Thankfully, as this would make the boy's life miserable.

    I just don't like the air of entitlement involved in this name take-over.

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    I don't want to judge because I can't know other people's reasoning behind it, but when I see people do this (name their daughter James or Maxwell or whatever), it always strikes me as though they're trying to choose what they think of a "strong name" for their daughter. It's great that they want to encourage traits in their child that don't necessarily conform with gender stereotypes. But doing so (giving their daughter a male name) actually seems very anti-feminist to me because it's like saying women/femininity can't be strong in and of themselves, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Like I said, I can't speak for other people's motives, but that's how I perceive it, and I'm not really in favor of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lesliemarion View Post
    and Rory
    Rory is a boy's name only. It was never unisex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Rory is a boy's name only. It was never unisex.
    Rory can be a nickname for Aurora therefore it can be unisex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laurakatex View Post
    Rory can be a nickname for Aurora therefore it can be unisex.
    In that context yes but not - as the OP wrote it - as a given name itself.

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