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    My heart goes out to you. Stay strong and know that many people in the Nameberry universe will be thinking of you. It's wonderful to hear that flamingo has known children who have prospered in spite of serious congenital conditions.

    I agree with Casilda that you should choose the name you like best. Is there a particular meaning you would like her name to have? Perhaps you'll be able to find a name you like that also has the meaning you desire.

    I think the suggestion of Hannah is nice. While thinking of Hebrew names like Zachary and Jacob, I did think of my own name - Naomi. I do think it goes nicely with Zachary and Jacob.

    My other thought was a name that means "dawn". Aurora, Oriana and Zora are three that I know. I thought of "dawn" as a celebration of the dawn of her birthday and for every subsequent dawn that she is with you. Or perhaps a name that means "thanks" or "gratitude", although I cannot seem to find any.

    Best wishes to you and your family. xooxo
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    I also agree with Casilda to choose the name that you love. If you'd love to have a name with a special meaning for her I found these:
    Amy (means love)
    Audrey or Bridget (both mean strong)
    Matilda (I'm also seconding sunkissedchild's suggestion because of the great meaning)

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and your unborn little girl in this hard time and we are hoping with you that your daughter will be able to live the best life she possibly can.
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    I have to put in another vote for Matilda.

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    It seems you want your daughter's name to be meaningful, yet not "in-your-face."
    How about Leona? In my highly-recommended baby name book here at home, the given meaning is "strong as a lioness." I find that so inspiring.
    My other immediate thought was of the name chosen last year by a close friend for her daughter: Teagan Kardia, which all together means "beautiful" (Teagan) "Heart" (Kardia.)
    On a personal note, the doctors told my mum to expect the same things for my baby sister. I remember mum sitting us down and telling us, "the baby may be special." My sis was born 100% healthy and is now a gorgeous 20 year old sweetheart of a person, attending University and loving life. Her names are Naomi, which means "pleasant one" and Elizabeth, which means "my God is abundance."
    Go with your instinct to name your girl, as with your boys. Their names are very handsome.
    However long your daughter's life, be assured it will be meaningful. Blessings upon you and your family. May you find strength to thrive during a trying time.
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    I'll try again, though I really love Hannah with your boys...

    How about Eve? Easily called the adorable Evie. Eve symbolizes feminine life... Either it will celebrate your little girl and the life she will live despite the odds, or it will celebrate and commemorate the little precious life that she will have lived within you.

    Zachary (Zac), Jacob (Jake) and Evie

    I like this choice, and pray for the best outcome for your family. You should be granted the strength for whatever comes your way!

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