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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I love the end of your list: Sue, Portia, and Gwendolen.

    One that I've found myself really liking recently that I used to dislike is Beverly.
    I've found a new enjoyment for B names on NB and I've liked Everly for a while but felt uncomfortable with it's trendiness.
    Then I heard Beverly again and it was clicked! I just love it.
    Same with Benedict. I've always loved Benjamin, but have never loved the meaning or the J in the middle. Then Benedict rushed in and it just felt like perfection.
    Another B is Bethel, more firm than Bethany and more interesting than Elizabeth.
    Beverly is a good name. I think of the old actress, Beverly Garland, which gives it a strong floral association too.

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    I also find myself loving

    comforting names like Mercy, Pleasant, Sunday, Afternoon, Davenport, Mamie, Meadow, Blossom, and even, Comfort.

    It's a hard world out there and these names seem to buffer me from it.

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    Agnes. One day I just liked it.

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    Mamie! Yes!

    I am also liking Maisie, Edith, Mirren, Ada and -- Fanny!

    For boys, I remain a confirmed stick in the mud. I like Caspian, but I am too much of a nickname person to go with it -- or even recommend it. What would you call him? Caspy? Cassie? Then it just sounds like 1980's stuff recycled. So it goes with me and boys' names.

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    Completely off-topic but I'll come out of lurkdom to suggest Ian as a nn for Caspian.

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