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    Help me replace Etta

    I am trying to find the perfect girl name for baby #3. I have a few names that I love for a day or two but nothing that makes me fall in love as much as Etta.
    I love Etta because It's beautiful and classic yet rare to find one. It is a name we all know and can spell but don't hear very often (Yet). She isn't close to the top 100(at least last I checked I could be wrong on that). Etta was my one of two top names when I was pregnant with DS right along with Hazel. I of course had a boy so didn't use Etta or Hazel. We named Him Henry Jon. I've dropped the name Hazel because DH never really liked it and a friend of a friend has a Hazel so Hazel has lost her charm. But Etta, I can't help but keep going back to Etta. The problem is I have a Henry. Henry Etta is just way too... It's what you would name siblings in a cartoon lol.
    I'm looking for something with similar style.
    NOT Ella, Ellie, Eva, Or Eva those names are WAY too popular for me. I like real names, classic names that you don't hear often.

    My list:

    Beatrix NN Bea
    Matilda - DH thinks of movie says its a character name
    Mabel -getting too popular and I know a dog Mable but DH loves it
    Wren- DH hates
    Opal- DH doesn't hate but doesn't love. But I'm over the moon about Opal!

    Oh and I also can't use Evelyn or Evy. I have a niece Evelyn NN Evy

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    It took me a minute to figure out the issue with Henry and Etta. When I did, yes, I smiled a little. But if I loved Etta, it wouldn't keep me from using the name. They will only live in the same house together (likely speaking) for the first 1/4 of their life. Yes, it's a bit goofy, but I'd still use the name.

    On another note, where did you get the idea that Mabel is popular? It's one of the least popular on your list There were 238 girls named Mabel born in the US in 2012. There were 2000+ girls named Cora, 425 named Matilda, 382 named Willa, 250 named Wren. There were about 400 named Beatrice and another 150 named Beatrix- the ones named Beatrice matter because most of them will be Bea. Etta was one of the most unusual at about 125, Opal even less at 105.

    If you love Mabel and also love obscurity, rest assured, they do not exclude each other. It's really unlikely that your Mabel would have another one in her class or even her school, unless some huge celebrity picks it in the next few years or something along those lines. You can't predict that kind of thing. I don't think it is very likely that Mabel will get stratosphere-level popular without some kind of event like that, because while its style of names (homespun, vintage, Violet, Ada, Cora, Willa, etc.) is in vogue right now, Mabel doesn't quite rise to the top of the heap-- its sounds are a little harder to love.

    Wow, that got longwinded. Sorry! Basically, I think it is ok to use Etta with Henry.

    Do you like Rosetta? It's a secret favorite of mine and would break up the Henry and Etta thing, while still enabling the use of Etta as a nickname.

    Etta reminded me of Simone, too-- I guess it is the Etta James/Nina Simone connection.

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    I guess I think Mabel is too popular because I know of two. Not closely and they won't by in the same class but still the fact that I know if two makes me second guess. Where did you get the number of how many were born in the US? I know where or find this list but is there a way to search the name and the find the rank along with the number born in the US last year? Or 2012

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    Just a shot in the dark here but Etta James' first name was really Jamesetta (full name Jamesetta Hawkins).
    So if you love Etta so much maybe attach it to another classic name -male or female- and call her Etta?

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    Maybe you could name her something else ending with Etta? (Though I think you could still use Etta with Henry!)

    Elise Jeanne Rose
    Benoit Leo Luca

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