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    I guess I think Mabel is too popular because I know of two. Not closely and they won't by in the same class but still the fact that I know if two makes me second guess. Where did you get the number of how many were born in the US? I know where or find this list but is there a way to search the name and the find the rank along with the number born in the US last year? Or 2012
    You can google "ssa baby names" "beyond the top 1000" for a zip file with complete info on all names given to more than 5 children every year since the late 1800s. Warning, it is really overwhelming!

    The site Name Nerds also has a list of the top 7000 for 2012 organized by spelling. It is really nice. Go to the name nerds site and then look for their popularity lists. (I'd link but I'm on my phone! Slow browser.)

    Funny how there are micro clusters of names, right? Going by the numbers there shouldn't be two Mabels so close together-- but there you are. Chance! I live in NYC and work with kids so hear a lot of names, including very uncommon or retro ones. But no Mabel yet. It is really cute, though.

    The name I hear the most, by far, is really a group-- variants on the sound Lila. Leila, Layla, Lila, Lily, Lillian, Liliana. A Lola or two. Talk about saturation!

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    I saw a name today that might work for you: Metta. Also, shows number of children given a particular name last year.
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    Also, I should add, I know someone named Jettie, which is a spunky replacement for Etta.
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    Ones that feel similar to Etta to me:


    HTH! I particularly love Veda.
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    How about Ever?

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