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    I actually rather love this idea, though I don't know that I'd be brave enough to use it myself. I immediately think of Joscelin from Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, a very strong male character. So that's major points in its favor. Plus, I'm a total Whedonite, so the fact that it's an easy path to the nickname Joss makes me doubly approving!
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    I really like the idea of Jocelyn on a boy but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to do it. I’ve never meet a male Jocelyn only female Jocelyns and in my area most peoples idea of an adventurous name for their child is Violet or August. I’d be afraid that Jocelyn will always be considered a bit odd for a boy. (I realize my signature has some more adventurous names like Leonidas or Thiago but at least they are obviously male).
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    You're right that in Quebec, Jocelyn is a male name. That said, I live in a bilingual city on the Ontario-Quebec border and my former (male) partner Jocelyn was constantly mistaken for a woman by non-Francophones who only saw his name. So unless you live in a strongly Francophone area, I think you're setting the kid up for a lifetime of annoying corrections, if nothing else.

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    Definitely not.

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    I love that character! City of Bells is one of my favorite books, and Jocelyn is a superb name.

    I do feel some hesitation about giving a boy a unisex-but-familiarly-female name. I don't think it'd be a big problem, but he'd have to learn to have some patience and humor about it.
    What convinced me that it's doable is the name Morgan. I grew up around female Morgans and Jocelyns, but met male ones later on (in real life or books!) and was struck by how well it worked. They're sturdy names.

    Jocelyn does have a strong sound to it; even on a girl it feels powerful and grounded to me, not frilly or light (despite the -lyn). If it weren't for having read the book I might say "regrettably, no" may have talked me into it. The very-wearable nicknames (Joss, Joe, J) help.

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