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    Jocelyn on a boy?

    I've kinda been crushing on Jocelyn for a boy ever since reading Elizabeth Goudge's novel, A City of Bells, set in a post-WW1 English cathedral town and featuring a male protagonist named Jocelyn. Like Aubrey, Hilary and others, Jocelyn was once a male name. It was used for boys in medieval times and has seen some more recent use in England, I think, and it's apparently still used for boys in Canada, where Jocelyn is considered more masculine and Jocelyne feminine.
    However, I just don't think it would work here in the US with Jocelyn as high as it is for girls, even though I'm toying with different spellings. I could be wrong, though, so I'm posting a poll to help me decide whether this name will have to remain a guilty pleasure for me! Feel free to post your thoughts.
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    I actually grew up with 2 boys named "Jocelyn". I'm not sure how they spelled it but they were Haitian and Josselin is the masculine French form so I'm guessing that was it. I thought it was a boy name until I met my first girl Jocelyn when I was a teen. The name still feels boyish/manly to me

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    I lovelovelove Joscelin! I like Jocelyn, I know guys named Jocelyn (Jocelyne is the girl name to me), but I never loved it… however, Joscelin really seals the deal for me.
    Aaaaand I just realized we've already discussed this, hahaha.
    In any case, you have my full support for Jocelyn/ Jocelin/ Joscelin!

    Re: Nat108's mention of Josselin, that's also really handsome!
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    I would spell it Joscelin for a boy.

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    I'm sorry but Jocelyn, no matter how it is spelled, will always be a girls name to me.
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