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    I love Jocelyn (and Meredith, Ashley!, etc.) for a boy! I quite like them for girls too- IMO they should be truly unisex. For what it's worth, I live in Canada and don't recall ever meeting a Jocelyn of either gender.
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    Ok... I'm pretty aware of my different views on names, and I actually really like the sound of Jocelyn on a boy. Quite a bit!

    But I asked my husband, and he gave an very, very definitive 'no'. I asked the following questions:

    1. What do you think of the name Jocelyn?
    A: It's OK. It's pretty

    2. How about Jocelyn on a boy?
    A: Oh.. NO!!

    3. If you had gone to school with a boy named Jocelyn, would he have been teased?
    A: Absolutely.

    4. What if your name was Jocelyn?
    A: I don't know. Thankful it's not

    We are in the US, and he is 28 years old. His very strong, very quick reactions kind of surprised me! I would definitely talk with more non-berries (especially males) for 'real-life' reactions.

    I'm sorry!

    Good Luck & Happy Naming!


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    Thanks to everyone for the responses so far! I'm definitely looking for honest opinions, so don't feel bad about telling me you hate Jocelyn for a boy or that it's only a girl's name to you. Special thanks to aggielou for your detailed questions and your husband's opinion. That's valuable. You're right, the next step would be talking to non-Berries. I'm not considering Jocelyn for a real baby (at least not now)--just trying to decide if it gets a permanent place on my "guilty-pleasure" boy list.
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    I love Joss for a boy (in fact, it's currently top of our list and I was very surprised that DH was so keen but then we are 'Whedonites' so maybe I shouldn't have been so shocked) and before we knew the sex of our son Jocelyn was on our list for a girl. However, I wouldn't use Jocelyn for a boy. I quite like it for a boy but I'd be too worried about teasing potential to actually use it myself.

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    I too love Joss for a boy, but would not use Jocelyn. I knew a female Jocelyn growing up, so it will always be female to me. If you like/want Joss, I have Joseph nn Joss on my list (Joss Whedon's full name is Joseph!).

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