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    My List is Missing Something, but What?

    My list of girls names feels like it's missing something, but I don't know what.

    For the past couple of days my list has just felt droopy and flat, and not exciting at all. I need to find some fun names. Vintage and old fashioned, but young and fresh.

    I have been crushing on Matisse, Amelie, Octavie, Constance, Ira, Jordana, Bryndis, Finna & Winnie. Not really my usually style, but I am really liking them. They just feel 'me.'

    My List
    Audrey Plum: This is staying, no matter what.
    Enid Ffion
    Thora Lucille
    Elspeth Amie (Ah-MEE)
    Marian Orla/Thora: Marian needs to be paired with something fresh & young & sweet.

    I know my list is clunky and a lot of probably wouldn't like it at all. I need to branch out. The first four names are definitely staying, but I need to find a new middle for Marian.


    1. What middles do you like with Marian? I am open to all ideas.
    2. What do you think of my 'crushes'? Could you see them as first or middle names on my list?
    3. Any suggestions? Names that would go with my list, but freshen it up a bit? Not too common or trendy. (Eleanor, Isabel, Ashtyn, Willow etc)

    Thank you.

    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Jordana's a cool name for classy people. [/SO BIASED]

    Octavie is nice. I like Octavia/Ottavia maybe a tiny bit more, but it loses some whimsy Octavie has. I just knew a really gorgeous one who went by Tavia so that's part of the image for me.

    I like Winnie but only as a nickname. It's TOO whimsical. Or I'm a grouchy old thing.

    Marian wants a bit of a pixie-ish middle name. Marian Lilac? Marian Lazuli? Nature-y, but unexpected.

    I'm secretly fond of the not-totally-dissimilar combos Marie Kezia, because I like the bitter/cinnamon contrast. So, what about Marian Kezia? The z makes it feel peppery and light but it has real history.

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    One of my favorite names is Opal. I think it goes with your list well. I like Opal June for a combo. I like the suggestion of Winnie, she is always on and off my list.. Then back on. Of course Winifred has to be the full name.

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    I have a crush on Constance and Winnie too! LOVE Winnie but agree I'd use a longer version. Personally I love Wilhelmina and it sounds great with the other names on your list. However Guinevere could work well too or Elowen.

    As for Marian I like suggestion of Marian Lilac & Marian Lark. Marian Bluebell,
    Marian Juniper ,
    Marian Saoirse,
    Marian Pearl,
    Marian Faye,
    Marian Primrose,
    Marian Anouk,
    Marian Iris,
    Marian Aoife
    come to mind...

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