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    I love it! And my-ken is how I instinctively want to pronounce it.

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    I really like the name, go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine kid View Post
    Its surprising how many people in this thread have met a Majken in school. I remember in high school a girl from New Zealand joined and although a lot of people had trouble with pronouncing it at first we all got used to it. Majken is pretty and honestly I don't find it strange. If you don't really care about pronunciation/spelling problems go ahead and use it.
    I am as well. It's nice to know though that you're not the only one who has seen or heard this name so you don't look like a complete nutter. I ran it by hubby last night and he actually said he would think about it and that he liked it more than the other names I've presented to him so fingers crossed.
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