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    Winner is the normal pronunciation for plenty of accents in this country though. Same thing with vin and ven being the same. Not sure about Kel and Cal. That might be Calvin being more familiar than Kelvin. And if someone with such an accent pronounces winter and winner next to each other, they actually subtly distinguishable. The T is sort of assimilated into the N, not lost completely.

    Anyway...Majken is pretty. I think it would ring pretty odd on someone without a Scandinavian connection. Do you like other Scandinavian or at least other unusual names for the sibling sets?

    I think Majken literally means "little Mae/May" - Maj meaning May and ken being little (like chen in German, like in Gretchen), so my suggestion might be to make this an adorable nickname for a little Mae or May or Margaret.

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    The spelling will be tricky in this country, but if that doesn't concern you, then go for it.
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    Too foreign and sounds like making.
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    I LOVE IT! It's my middle name and I went by it through out high school. I've found that once people know how to pronounce it, the spelling makes sense so they rarely mispronounce it. It was my grandmother's best friend's name.

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    Its surprising how many people in this thread have met a Majken in school. I remember in high school a girl from New Zealand joined and although a lot of people had trouble with pronouncing it at first we all got used to it. Majken is pretty and honestly I don't find it strange. If you don't really care about pronunciation/spelling problems go ahead and use it.
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