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    Boys- Like? Love? Hate?

    Help me narrow down my boys list, please!
    What names do you like or dislike?

    Conrad Theodore
    Henry Wyeth
    Linus Calder
    Miles Kipling
    Noble Declan
    Oliver Klaus

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    love - Theodore, Henry, Miles, Declan, and Noble (only as a middle name)
    like - Conrad, Calder, Oliver, and Kipling (only as a middle name)
    dislike - Wyeth, Linus, and Klaus

    I would love Declan Noble, so very handsome.

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    Conrad Theodore- like
    Henry Wyeth - love
    Linus Calder - dislike
    Miles Kilpling - love
    Noble Declan - dislike
    Oliver Klaus -like
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    Conrad Theodore - love
    Henry Wyeth - love - fave
    Linus Calder - dislike
    Miles Kipling - like
    Noble Declan - dislike. would love reversed.
    Oliver Klaus - like

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    Conrad Theodore - strong and majestic although I would prefer Theodore Conrad
    Henry Wyeth - I like both names but I'm not loving the "look" of them together written out (both have those y's and are five letters long)
    Linus Calder - I like both names. This would be ok as long as your surname isn't two syllables as well.
    Miles Kipling - handsome and distinguished. Sounds like an author.
    Noble Declan - a mix of two trends: word names and Irish names. I like Noble but Declan is harsh.
    Oliver Klaus - I love the spunky Oliver but not with the clunky Klaus.
    All the best,

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