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    Ransom as first or middle name?

    My husband is currently obsessed with the name Ransom for our baby boy who is due in March. I like the sound of it, but thought it wasn't usable until recently. It's starting to grow on me & I like that it has Christian meaning & that it's roots are from the latin word for redemption. I also am a fan of C.S. Lewis & Ransom is the name of the main character in one of his trilogies. Jimmy Stewart also played a character named Ransom & there is currently a young adult author with the same name. So it seems that it is more usable than I had previously thought. I'm just unsure if it really could be first name material. If we would use it as a first name, his name would be Ransom Hayes (which I think sounds kind of awesome).

    Or is this better suited for a middle name? If we would use it as a middle name, our options would be:

    Ellis Ransom
    Silas Ransom
    Everett Ransom
    Oliver Ransom
    August Ransom

    Thoughts? Feel free to tell me I'm crazy for even considering this name


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    I honestly have to say not a fan. I feel it has a bad meaning. It it totally up to you. Go with how you feel about a name. If you really like it and have your mind set on it use it. Go with your gut on a baby name. You will be the one calling it out. I like August or Oliver for a first name.

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    Really do not get this name. Makes me think of kidnapping! Why would you put that on your child, it's like painting a target on their back! If you really love it, use it as a middle.

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    Normally I dislike surname and 'word' names but I think this could be a 'handsome Ransom' guilty pleasure. Very usable as a middle and rather nice as a first.
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    Yeah, it's basically like calling someone Kidnapping. Putting someone or something for ransom is exactly that, not a name.
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