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    I love the Christian meaning, although I agree that the word ransom does have negative connotations. I think it's better as a middle name. I like August Ransom and Everett Ransom from your list.

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    My 2nd cousins name is Ransom, and at first I was confused about it
    After two years of questioning my cousin, I have actually come to love it!

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    I love the thought of Ransom as a first name. I have reservations about it because of the "held for ransom" meaning, but I think the other associations (Christ's ransom, Ransom from the Space Trilogy, Jimmy Stewart's character) make me love it enough to consider using it anyway. I recently found out a teenage friend of mine has a classmate named Ransom, and I would be thrilled to meet a little Ransom.
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    My first thought was Ransom Riggs, an increasingly popular YA author. I personally would use Ransom in the middle. It'd be just a little too tough to grow up with that name, but putting it in the middle gives him the option of using later in life if he likes it more than his first. Of your first names, I like Silas and Oliver, and I suggest Gabriel, Micah, and Gideon.
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    Sorry but I think this 'choose any word/surname and use it for a name' trend is getting silly now. I agree with everyone else who said it just reminds them of kidnapping which is a terrible connotation.

    If it's the sound you like then how about some of these:

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