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  • Saloma Mozelle

    4 13.33%
  • Samara Mozelle

    7 23.33%
  • Annelise Mozelle

    8 26.67%
  • Odeda Mozelle

    3 10.00%
  • Salomay Merav

    0 0%
  • Talia Simone

    15 50.00%
  • suggest your own combo...

    2 6.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jan 2014

    Name for a peaceful and courageous baby girl who loves water (with 2 older sisters)??

    Need some help here...

    Saloma Mozelle ("Peace from the waters")
    Samara Mozelle ("Guided from the waters")
    Annelise Mozelle (Grace from the waters")
    Odeda Mozelle ("Courage from the water")
    Salomay Merav (Peace Abundant)
    Talia Simone (Nourishment from the heavens, listened)

    I identify strongly with Saloma and Salomay (because this child feels peaceful, strong and steady..but think I am lacking some cultural perspective needed to make a good decision about such out of the box names). Husband like Talia Simone, but I am worried about how popular those names are...

    Older sisters are: Eliyah Khai and Aviva Joy

    SO happy to have your help here!

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    What about Marin as a middle? It means "of the sea."

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    Jan 2014
    We do live in Marin, and were introduced to each other by a friend named Marin..

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    I love Talia Simone, and it is quite uncommon (at least in Australia). I only know 1 Simone, and she is 30yrs old and I have never heard of a Talia IRL.
    The only other name I like from your list is Annelise Mozelle, but I like the suggestion of Marin as a middle for that combo.
    Good luck!

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    I love the beautiful meaning Saloma Mozelle, but when I first read it I have to be honest that the word 'salmonella' popped into my head based on that combination. But I love the meanings of the names you have chosen. Good luck with the final choice!
    Mama to my boys, the 'twinadoes', and a little Tingeling.

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