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    Ranked in order:

    Scarlett - chosen because it feels the most classic and versatile, and also seems to have more in common with a lot of your sig list.
    Greta - part old-fashioned madchen, part classic glam. Would love to see a little Greta!
    Wren - popular on Nameberry but not in real life. A little masculine for my personal tastes ("king of the birds" and all that), but there's something really pretty about bird names (Lark, Wren, even Robin).
    Avery - very trendy, but pretty. However, it still reads "boy" to me.
    Brynn or Bryn - it will eventually be dated, but I have a friend (late 20s) named Brynne and I do really like it on her. I guess I prefer Briony to get the Br...n sounds.
    Eden and Paisley - not for me at all.

    Just my personal preferences, though! From your sig list I really like Celia, Emmeline, Claudia, Caroline and Elodie.
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    I would say Eden as the top choice and Wren comes in at a close second. Both are on my list.
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    I love Greta! Definitely my favorite. Eden would probably be second. Then Bryn/Brynn.

    I really dislike Paisley (sorry!).
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    My favorite is Greta, then Scarlett.

    Eden, Avery and Wren are in the middle, and Brynn and Paisley are my least favorites.

    Greta is such a fresh choice! Good luck.

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    Cair Paravel :)
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