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    Kipling- too out there??

    I really love the name Kipling, with the occasional nickname Kip. I haven't gotten a lot of positive feedback for it, but then again, most people I talk to about names like very popular, trendy names. What are your opinions on Kipling? Do you think it's too weird? I want honest feedback please!

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    I don't think it's too weird! I think the nickname Kip makes it very accessible. I've always kind of had a liking for Kipling. There's something about the -ling ending that I think is really cute on a child. Kipling isn't neccessarily commonly, but people should still be familiar with it from Rudyard Kipling, among other things.

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    I really like it! It's handsome and distinguished.

    Best wishes!

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    Kipling is interesting but I kind of like it. Another name to consider might be Kiptyn.

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    I like the sound of it, but you'd really have to consider the implications of the Rudyard Kipling namesake. Although "The Jungle Book" is a beloved story, he also wrote a poem called "The White Man's Burden." His work is controversial as it arguably perpetuated imperialist and racist attitudes.
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