View Poll Results: Can I name my daughter Lucia if my partner and I are not Italian?

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    Can I use Lucia if I'm not Italian?

    I love the name Lucia, pronounced the Italian way (loo-CHEE-a).

    I am not Italian, nor is my partner. I just like the sound, meaning and feel of the name. I have long appreciated the Italian culture and language, having grown up in a city of Australia with a large Italian population.

    What would you think if you met my daughter Lucia? (I'm asking whether you think that would "sit right" with you, not whether you like the name itself.)

    Have you met any other Lucias? Have they had an Italian heritage or were they non-Italian?

    Perhaps you have had similar experiences with names of other origins - for example, you've known someone who was not Spanish but had a name that was pronounced in the Spanish way. How did that sit with you? Is there a general "rule" you have about such things, or do you think it just depends on the name or the individual case?

    (My daughter Lucia would have a Croatian surname, in case that factors into your decision.)
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    I had a friend with this name and she has no Italian heritage whatsoever. She pronounces it Loo-see-a though.
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    I've met many a non-Italian Lucia. The name is really pan-cultural-- sort of like Cecilia or Beatrice. The most recent Lucia I met was German (and she pronounced it the Italian way).

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    Yeah. There are no rules about cultures. I wouldn't automatically think that Lucia is Italian either.

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    Lucia is used in so many languages, I wouldn't bat an eye. Since most people know that the name can be pronounced a few ways, I don't think there's a problem if you use the Italian Loo-CHEE-ah pronunciation, though English-speakers might guess Loo-SEE-ah first.

    I have lived in two Spanish-speaking countries and met some Lucias - pronounced Lu-SEE-ah there. It's common enough in Spanish-speaking countries that I don't see Lucia and think "Italian Name." I agree with the "pan-European" descriptor.

    I know a Carolina - pronounced in a way that's intuitive to me (Cah-ro-LEE-nah) but not to some other Americans (who say Care-o-LINE-ah). Once she tells people once, they tend to remember.

    Giovanna or Giuseppina would surprise me on a non-Italian child, but Lucia wouldn't since it's not solely an Italian name. You're safe
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