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    Which are usable?

    I'm looking for saint names at the moment for this baby. We're looking for something more unusual than Gabriel (my first son) but still usable and not too weird. Which of these do you think is usable in the modern day? Which are just middles? Which should be forgotten altogether?

    Sibling would be Gabriel Benjamin and the last name is Blackwood.

    Bartholomeo (this isn't a saint, but I love this version of Bartholomew)
    Malachy ~ mal-ah-kee ~ is this too Irish?
    Meriadoc ~ added LOTR bonus
    Peregrin ~ more added LOTR bonus
    Wenceslaus ~ I'm sure this is only a middle, but how fun is it to say?

    All of these would get a nickname of some sort to fall back on and the babies getting 2 middles so both of those will be really normal if the first is something like this. Can't wait for your opinions.
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    These were my favorites:
    Ambrose- I love this, but people have told me it is too feminine for a boy. This is probably better as a middle.
    Isidore- I love this one! I have it on my list too.
    Justus- Justin would be better (although more boring). Justus would be better as a middle.
    Lucillian- How about Lucian instead? He's a saint.
    Nicander- I like the sound of this, though maybe it is better as a middle
    Peregrin ~ more added LOTR bonus
    Salvatore- This one is really fun, but better for a middle!

    I love saint names too, so most of my list is more common/not unusable saint names. Here are some suggestions with Gabriel Benjamin (love the combo btw):
    Gregory, Dimitri/Dmitri, Jason, Alexander, Jude, Elias, Jasper, Orion, James, Joshua, Jordan, Silas, Gideon, Samuel, Cassius, Cassian, Constantine, Andrew, Aaron, Melchior, Felix, Thaddeus, Dominic, Demetrius, Vladimir, Augustine/Augustin
    If the names on this list aren't specifically saints names, they are biblical. I wanted to suggest Raphael, but it would be a bit weird to have 2 angel names (or a really cool connection?)
    Congrats and good luck!
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    I love Raphael too but I thought it was too much with Gabriel. I actually have several of the names you suggested on my list already. This list here is just my most unusual name loves thrown out to see which are good for the first spot. Thanks for your comments. They're really helpful.

    Looking for some more comments if you don't mind guys.
    Dad to Gabriel Benjamin and Expecting in April.

    Probably only guilty pleasures:
    Girls ~ Hedwig, Alba, Ondine, Faustine, Elvira
    Boys ~ Adalwolf, Faustus, Wulfric, Leofric, Bartholomeo

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    From your list...
    Ambrose- I really like it
    Balthasar- This one is strange, but I still really like it for some reason
    Bartholomew- Love this one and I prefer this spelling (by FAR my favorite from your list)
    Malachy- it's pretty Irish but that's not necessarily bad
    Quintian- Not my favorite but it isn't too "out there"

    I did a little research on Saints (was not that familiar with most of them) and here are some others I liked:
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    Here is my opinion:

    Acacius - Unusual, but usable as a first or middle.
    Ambrose - Usable, but maybe difficult to wear as a first.
    Balthasar - Not usable. Too out there for me.
    Bartholomew - Usable, but has teasing potential. Middle only.
    Bartholomeo - I think this is more wearable than Bartholomew.
    Caradoc - I could see this as a first or middle.
    Cloud - Not a very strong first name.
    Darius - Useable, but I dislike it.
    Emilian - Useable.
    Isidore - Slightly feminine, but would be okay in the middle.
    Justus - Useable.
    Lucillian - I really like this one. He could go by Luke.
    Malachy ~ Useable.
    Meriadoc ~ This one is great.
    Nicander - Middle only.
    Ninian - I don't like this, but I guess it would work in the middle.
    Nicodemus - Middle probably.
    Peregrin ~ Cute, but I would probably keep it in the middle.
    Ptolemy - No.
    Quintian - Good as a first or middle.
    Salvatore - Useable.
    Sylvester - Useable and cute. Surprised at how much I like this.
    Spyridon - No
    Valerian - Sounds quite a bit like Valerie. Middle.
    Wenceslaus ~ Unusual middle.
    Wulfric - I like this one. I think it would work as a first or middle.
    Zoticus - middle
    Zosimus - middle

    My favorites:

    Gabriel and Sylvester
    Gabriel and Lucillian
    Gabriel and Meriadoc
    Gabriel and Wulfric

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