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    What do you think of my names?

    Joyce, Macy, Jeanne (pronounced jean), Dean, Mackson, Elias, and Randolph are connected to family. Clark relates to the last name. Amy, Ruth, and Rose are connected to memories and named for people. Does Mackson clash with the other boy names? Could Amy Joyce go by AJ without Macy Jeanne going by MJ? Zachary would go by Zach (pronounced zak).

    Amy (AJ?), Macy, Stella, Zelda
    Clark, Mack, Roger, Zach

    Are these horrible with too much rhyming? Any suggestions? How would you fit Joel into these names; what name would you replace with Joel?
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    Amy Joyce- It's very pretty, but it sounds a little 70s to me.
    Macy Jeanne- Very sweet.
    Stella Ruth- Gorgeous.
    Zelda Rose- I love Rose, but Zelda is a little too out there.

    I feel like Amy and Macy are too similar to be sisters. The same goes for Stella and Zelda. If you want Amy Joyce to go by AJ, please don't make Macy Jeanne go by MJ! That's ridiculous.

    What if you used Amy Joyce, Jeanne Macy, Stella Rose, and Ruth Zelda? Or Joyce Amy, Macy Jeanne, Rose Stella, and Zelda Ruth? It has more of a sound balance, if you know what I mean.

    Clark Graham- Fantastic!
    Mackson Dean- I love Dean, but I really dislike Mackson. I realize it's a family name, but maybe you could honor it a different way. Macaulay, Macallister, or Jackson?
    Roger Elias- Elias is great. Roger sounds dated.
    Zachary Randolph- Zachary is okay. I feel like it's too overused. Randolph is great.

    Brothers Mackson and Zach are too rhyme-y. Added in with Clark, there's a lot of "k". And while Clark and Roger and similar enough in style, Mackson and Zachary sound out of place.

    I really love all of your middle choices. What if you reversed some of the names? Clark Graham, Dean Mackson, Elias Roger, and Randolph Zachary sounds great!

    I love Joel as well. Clark Joel, Joel Graham, Joel Mackson, and Elias Joel are all handsome pairings.
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    Hi, lots of great names! I think my favs would have to be Stella Ruth (or maybe Stella Rose would work too), & I'm not a fan of any of the boy combinations (sorry) but Joel Clark sounds good I think. I agree with rowgeesee that AJ & MJ would be too much & with Mackson & Zachary you'd end up with Zack & Mack which are too same-same so I'd stay away from these as sibsets if I were you.

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    I also think Amy/Macy are a bit too close sounding to be used in a sibset. Same with Stella/Zelda and Clark/Mack/Zach.
    Macy and Stella are really sweet together tho. Macy Jeanne and Stella Ruth! Ooo, and I like the daringness (if that's a word) of Zelda, soo spunky! I don't have anything to say for Amy Joyce except that I do think nn AJ is cute. Different. I definitely don't think Macy would have to by MJ. AJ is more of an established nn in my mind, so it would come more naturally then MJ.
    I like your boys names! Mackson Dean (I love Mack), Roger Elias (yay for Roger, if you need a lovely nn try Roe) and Zachary Randolph (I have random and hilarious Randolph connections which make me love this) are wonderfully spunky and exciting. Nice choices. Hmm, not sure what I'd do with Joel. Graham is probably my least favourite on your list so possibly Joel Clark? Mackson Joel seems ok. Then I'd switch Dean over to Dean Graham maybe.... All the best.

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    My daughter is Amy-Louise and were considering Stella May for our next one.

    Zachary John & Edward Dean are also on our list.

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