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Thread: M & m?

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    I like Morgan and Madeline much better than Morgan and Molly. They aren’t quite as matchy and many people choose to have the same first inital for their kids. I do think that if you decided to go with the M&M theme I’d make sure there were more M names that I liked for girls incase #3 were to come along. (Something like Magdalena, Mirabel, Merida, Mariposa, etc).

    On Morgan and Madeline: If you told me you had children Morgan and Madeline I’d assume you have a boy and a girl. A little odd since I only know female Morgans. But, the unisex Morgan in this combo does make me think boy. Maybe Morgana, Morgaine, or Morgane would help to give that little feminine twist to the unisex Morgan.
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    Thanks for your input everyone. It seems Morgan is a tough name to find a sister name for. Being as many of you suggested using something more "unisex" I was considering Audrey. (As I said the "m"s weren't intentional. Perhaps it would be a better fit. I'm not completely in love with Audrey though. I'll continue my search. I love Madeline and Molly but Morgan is a family surname I really want to use. Thanks for your responses!! It was helpful!

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