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Thread: What names...

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    I love Jezebel, Delilah and Lilith. There's just something about bad girls having some pretty awesome names. I also like Cain so maybe its just the whole "bad" image that draws me to them.

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    Aubree for a girl. I don't normally like that sort of name, but for some reason, I think it's cute.

    And for boys, Wyatt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dottipanda View Post
    Oh! I just remembered an absolute GP name of mine. It is totally nameberry-unfriendly because... it is made-up and a merger of two perfectly acceptable names! (dun-dun-dunn)

    Here is goes: Elsinore - half Elisabeth, half Eleanor. This is also the anglicised name of the Danish town Helsingør (setting of Hamlet). I just love, love the sound and look of this name but would never use it. a really, really cool name Would you mind terribly if I used it in a story?
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    I like
    Daphne, I have seen several of you that do not

    Rylie (my granddaughter) when I first found it on this site, I loved it and when Autumn liked it too I was really happy, then I found out it is "too"popular and Spelled wrong and a bunch of other no no's. But I still love the name! (and the granddaughter)

    I love Luther for a boy and even I know it is way too old fashioned and the Lex Luther thing....

    Now the newly popular on this site and trends that I do not like....I could write a book! hahahaha
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    My daughter is named Jemima We have only ever had compliments on her name. Not a single negative. I didn't know anyone would think it "taboo" until I joined nameberry.

    Lake Elsinore is in California - that is what I would associate with.


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