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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Oberon almost has a 'bear' sound in the middle. Bear could be a potential nickname perhaps?
    Renny beat me too it. I love Oberon and have Oberon nn Bear on a longer favorites list (somewhere).

    I think the kid who was “mercilessly” teased probably brought it upon himself a bit….
    “Hey Oberon’s a weird name”
    “It’s not weird… it mean’s King of Fairies”
    “Oh so you’re a fairy then?”
    “No, I’m not….” etc.

    I mean I think it depends on how young the kids were. High School, I’d hope they know 12th Night (actually I think we read it in 8th) but I think one can easily help a child focus on the King part of the name. Or on how bad-ass, and downright frightening the original fae-lore fairies can be. I think if you name your kid Oberon and help him define fairy in a far sense instead of a “ballet slippers & sparkles” sense it’s going to be hard to tease him. A “yeah, not just any fairy but the ruler” will probably keep the teasing to a minimum - should it ever start to begin with. I think it’s the same with all teasing really - if you don’t let it bug you it tappers off quickly - if it consistently bugs you it becomes a much larger issue.
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    Told my husband about all the love for Oberon this thread has generated and he seemed surprised. May have helped the cause a bit!

    Now, the fact it doesn't really go very well with our son's name is a whole other problem but with all the issues we've been having simply trying to find names we both like, I'm past caring about sibsets!

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    Oberon has been rapidly climbing my favorites list--it's my #2 favorite atm.

    I don't think the "King of the Fairies" thing would be a problem until at least high school, and probably not even then. If you're concerned about the Midsummer connection, spelling it Auberon would distance it from that a bit.

    And yep, like previous posters I adore the nickname Bear! Oberon means "bearlike" so it's doubly perfect.
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