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    Names Ending in 's' or 'z' - a Practical Pain?

    A couple of the names I like at the moment end in an 's' or a 'z'. I know from friends with names ending in 's' that it can be a bit awkward when you want to express possession etc. and have the problem of tripping up over that end sound and whether to add an 'es' to the end (the coat that belongs to James is James' coat or James's coat...neither sounds quite right).

    I guess I'm just wondering if this is a consideration anyone else has? Is it me being a bit silly?

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    If you are silly, then so am I. I just thought about it as I read your o.p. -- I have Lilias and Amaryllis as a coupe of my favorite girl names and she will no doubt have the same problem you mentioned if I stick with this name. I have asked Berries about this name before, and they have told me it looked like a plural version of Lilia. I also wonder if my child has a lisp -- would she sound like a hissing snake. (But I have to admit I find lispers (is that even a word?) so freaking adorable!) I am very curious about what other Berries will have to say, especially those that have a -s or -z at then end of their name.

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    I don't think it's a problem at all, the "James's" version sounds perfectly normal to me (but I'd still write it as James' because I'm a stickler for grammar.) I also have Amaryllis and Lilias on my list, and I had never actually thought about the potential problems of -s endings until this post, but now that I do, I don't have a problem with them. If you're really concerned you could try a double-barrel or hyphenated first.
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    It wouldn't occur to me that someone would find that weird, or annoying, or awkward. It's definitely not a consideration for me.
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    There are plenty of names ending in s and I don't see it being a problem. DH's name ends in an s and he never has any problems. I also agree with geeknamezyo, always spell it James', it's proper grammar.
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