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Thread: Auburn?

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    What are your thoughts on Auburn as a first name? My husband is really into it but it sort of makes me think of the school. Also not a fan of it having the word burn in it. Just curious as to what others think. Thanks!

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    I personally can not picture it as a first name. My first thought is a hair color. Sorry. I can see a family using it for a middle name if it means something to them.

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    I love it, although I do think of the school. I say go for it if you like it
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    I thought of the school first. And then I saw the word burn in it. I think Aubrey, Audrey or Autumn would be a better alternative.

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    I actually have been toying with the idea of this name as a first name for a boy or at least a middle name.
    I like it as a middle, but it could grow on me.
    Auburn ( extra girly middle name ) could work and balance out the tomboyish or more masculine tone of her first name.
    The more I write about this name, the more I like it.
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