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    Newly approved Danish names (2013)

    Follow-up to this thread. As mentioned in my thread for 2012, Denmark is a pretty strict (debatable, but whatever) country in regards to names. We actually have a list of pre-approved names to choose from and if we wanna use a name outside of said list, we have to have it approved by the state. All this is to prevent bullying... though that is slightly difficult to imagine looking at some of these names. There are approved about 100 names a month.

    Anyway, these are some of the weirder/interesting names that were approved in Denmark in 2013:

    * Albus (probably Harry Potter inspired, I'm loving it)
    * Bor (Danish for 'drill'; surely this must be some kind of international name)
    * Brormand (affectionate version of 'brother'; direct translation: 'brother-man'. I'm fine with Bror ('brother') being used as a name, but Brormand gets a little too cutesy/chavvy for my liking)
    * Djengis (Danish spelling of Genghis as in Genghis Khan)
    * Dun (Danish for 'feather fluff')
    * Inukkuluk (why yes, this is a Greenlandic yooneek name - made up by the two names, Inuk and Kuluk)
    * Qui (clearly not someone with French relatives)
    * Rosalin (was quite certain that this was a girls name?)
    * Wiking (I'm guessing that this is a yooneek spelling of Viking - which is approved as well, by the way)
    * Wilken (surprises me a little as it's a surname and surnames notoriously have a hard time getting approved)
    * Williahm (Danish yooneek spelling of William *sigh*)

    * Allyfreja (yooneek names all around, eh? They could have used Valfreyja instead... that's an actual name)
    * Carolinealia (what is this even? I don't even know how to pronounce it)
    * Beauty (*sigh*)
    * Bebs (Danish affectionate term for 'baby'; why? I don't know why)
    * Lavendel (Danish for 'lavender')
    * Marieline (attempt to create another -line name?)
    * Melua (Katie Melua fans, perhaps?)
    * Pollyanna (quite surprised that this wasn't approved before)
    * Rikkepippih (another yoonek spelling *sigh* made up from Rikke and Astrid Lindgren's Pippi - with an H added to the end. It's absolutely hideous if you ask me)
    * Tigerlilly (I personally prefer it spelled Tigerlily. I actually quite like it (but I also like Crimefighter, I'm weird like that), but I would never actually use it)
    * Yrsavickie (ANOTHER yooneek name, made up from Yrsa and Vickie - it must be a victim of numerology)

    Not as interesting as the names approved back in 2012. But these are just the names from January-April 2013, so I'm guessing that new lists from May-December will be out soon.
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    I'm loving Lavendel for its otherworldy sound and Pollyanna is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't find any of the boys names very appealing. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

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    Rosalin would be nice for a girl- maybe it was a mistake in the records? I actually like the sound of Djengis and Wilken. Carolinealia is pretty- a smoosh of Caroline and Alia? I'd say it like it was. Marieline is quite pretty and sounds sort of French; I'd say mar-ee-ell-een. Pollyanna's a pretty great namesake. Rikkepippih sounds very, well, exotic and Scandinavian... actually I kind of like it. Tigerlilly is cute but probably better for a pet name...
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    Lavendel is gorgeous! I also love Albus, Rosalin, Carolinealia and mainly the rest of the more easier pronouncable names. Great list!
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    I love Albus.
    I also really like Lavendal, it's beautiful.
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