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    I love Margaret!! It works great with Leo, and I like Margot, too. However, my favorite nn for Margaret is Maisie - see my signature!

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    I love Margaret! Unfortunately, many will see it as boring/overused/old ladyish. I love Mary and many feel that way as well, but Margot definitely makes it fresh. I actually love Margot on its own, but it works great as a nickname for Margaret. As your child gets older, if she decides she doesn't like Margot, she could use Maggie, Meg, Greta, Maisie...

    My only question is, have you thought about LeO and MargOT together?
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    Yes, we have sllah. We love Margot on its own but the rhyming thing is something we go back and forth on. We would use it in a heartbeat otherwise.

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    If you like Margot and your husband thinks it's similar enough, use Margot instead!! That's a great name!

    I have always seen Margaret as old-lady, boring, dated and musty.

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    I do think Margaret is long and quite boring, but I think that you could dress it up with a uncommon middle name (I don't say unique because Sharkeisha and Nevaeh are unique)

    Margaret Paige
    Margaret Eloise
    Margaret Isobel

    You could nickname her Maggie even if Margaret is deemed as old-ladyish or boring
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