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    Fangirling so hard on this name right now

    I just learned (thanks, internet!) that a friend of a friend's baby, who happens to be adorable, is also extremely well named. Wait for it: Ch@rlotte @dventure. I cannot get over how much I love this funky, perfect, completely unexpected middle name! Just had to share with the berries. Now to come up with a list of quirky, great middles for my own kids...

    What about you ladies? Any names you're fangirling over right now? Any suggestions for AMAZING out-there middles?
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    currently considering:
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    Beatrix Judith

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    I love Charlotte, I will be using for future daughter [someday Lord willing]. I also loved Adventure and it's been on my list forever on girl.

    Charlotte Adventure is cute.

    I like spunky middle names. My Charlotte's middle name is a "normal" one though. However, I did have Charlotte Winter, and Charlotte Arachne on my list as well I still love those too.
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    Yes... I'm with you on this. I don't know if I would personally do it myself (although I love the idea of it.. I'm pretty set on using middles that honor family or friends)...I am SO happy to hear this name in real life. Ch@rlotte @dventure. It's quite perfect, actually!

    I adore the middle name Wilder for a boy....I think it makes most names sound more masculine and handsome. Also Wolf and Stone.

    Girls... I'm not quite as adventurous with girl names! I want to be! (lol). The most adventurous I have considered for my own daughter (due June) is the middle name Jack, to honor my FIL.

    Some that come to mind for both genders: Epic (g), Legend (b), Lion,(b)

    Ok...I'm not very good at this. But I am looking forward to reading other responses!

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    Love the name Charlotte. Not to much on Adventure though but I do think it is cute.
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    Right now I'm seriously crushing on Adelaide! It's never been on my radar but I read it the other day and decided I loved it. My other favorite girls name is Hazel, I've been playing with Hazel Adelaide for a future baby girl.

    Really, all of the names on my list are a bit 'risky' because my entire family is just SO traditional (boring) with their baby names. Two new baby cousins added to the mix are Luke and Austin (clearly they didn't know about nameberry)

    I love Charlotte Adventure! It's so fun! Other adventurous name combos I adore are Thisbe Flora, Stellan Leander, and Peregrine August. I also like Wilder and Wolf. I know a Stone! Big sister is Piper and they are adorable red-heads!! I also knew an Ella George, George for a family member, so I don't think Jack would be THAT strange on a girl.
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