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Thread: Phoenix Babies

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    Phoenix Babies

    Browsing around, I've seen several things like this and I think it's really cool to see the names being used in various areas. I'm in AR right now but I'm originally from Phoenix (and hoping to go back) and I like to look at the names over there since my kids will end up growing up over there. So here's some babies born in Phoenix this last month and the first chunk of this month. I suppose I'll * my favorites and you feel free to give your thoughts.


    Hunter Carson
    Austin Sean
    Branson Robert
    Hayden James
    Augustus* Philip
    Grady James
    Juan Gustavo
    Flynn William
    Brody Dean
    Waylon James
    Alexander* Hunter Philip
    Viktor Blackstone & Gabriel Marvolo ~ how cool is Blackstone as a middle?
    Beckett Reid
    William Everette
    James Robert
    Bentley Matthew*
    Micah Liam
    Blake Joseph*
    Colin Joseph*
    Paxton Garrett ~ love this whole combo
    Dray Ira Justin
    Charles Joseph*
    Raines Austin
    Trevon Lee
    Blayke Lee
    Holden Kash ~ this kids Holdin' cash!
    Carter Daniel
    Henry James
    Ahryun Abrahm ~ This gives me a headache
    Aidyn Jacoblee
    Jack Knight ~ Love this. It's really freakin cool
    Reagan Jacon
    Relic David
    Ashton Ta'chii'nii' -- What is that!! Is it a real name in some language I'm missing?!
    Darius Dante Akin -- love the Darius Dante part
    Denzell La'Rue -- love La'Rue on a boy


    Maesyn Aryn Sue
    Alaina Vittoria Hope -- love all of this
    Dream lee Meya
    Courtazia La'May
    Lilian Leonora*
    Lyric Bentleigh Rose
    Esmeralda Guadalupe
    Passion Janae
    Elenora Jane -- love this whole thing
    Roxzalyn Spring-Marie
    Novalee Kiss ~ terrible
    Marley Leighalynn ~ mar-lee lee-allen *headache*
    Lily Snow ~ even though it's really wordy, it's sweet
    Tallie Jean
    Lucy Maurine
    Kaeann Marie
    Sutton Irene
    Jasmine Alexandra ~ love this whole combo
    Ivory Cervera
    Margaret June & Helen Josephine ~ love Helen and Margaret together
    Sadie Lynne
    Autumn Marie
    Laylamarie Carly-Joy ~ this is a mouth full
    Charleigh Ann
    Liliauna Blaire
    Alaela Claire
    Gemma Parker
    Adalyn Faye*
    Tynlee Grace
    Braleigh Jo
    Hadleigh Lyn
    Serenity* Alese
    Kaisyn Leigh
    Amelia Viola nn Ava* ~ like this whole combo
    Ayla Morgan
    Emma Rae
    Rosalie Erin-Marie
    Ashlynn Nikole
    Allison Grace
    Amara* Braelynn Jean
    Bayona Lialynn
    Miah Rosali
    Allejandra Marie ~ would love Alejandra
    Brynnley Rose

    Unsure (which is why you should give your kid one Identifying name):

    Sawyer Lee
    Parker Jean
    Oaklyn Bailey ~ I would lean towards thinking this is a girl, but I'm not sure
    Dakota Jean
    Nee-Tsa Wading Bird ~ this is likely a Native American baby

    A question, why spell Lee as Leigh? I really sort of think Leigh looks terrible and I'm just wondering what the thoughts are behind changing Lee/Ley/Lie whatever ending to Leigh like in Charleigh/Bentleigh/Karleigh etc
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    Are these babies born IN Phoenix or are some of these names from the surrounding areas of like Tempe, Scottsdale, etc?

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    Leigh is usually regarded as the female spelling of Lee. Thanks for sharing the Arizona list. It's always nice to see what names parents are choosing in the "real world" as opposed to our little rarified world here on Nameberry!
    All the best,

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    My favorites are -

    Hayden James
    Beckett Reid
    Colin Joseph
    Paxton Garrett
    Lilian - although I prefer Lillian
    Lily Snow - I love both names but not liking them as a combo.

    Parker - I love Parker for a boy.

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    95% of these came from a Phoenix hospital web nursery. The others were from surrounding cities that I came across during my searches and thought they were nice names.

    I guess I just find the Leigh spelling odd. It's pronounced the same so it just looks weird to me. Like, if my sister in law where Ashleigh, it just looks weird. Of course I'm the only normally named sibling in my family so we're no room to talk.
    Dad to Gabriel Benjamin and Expecting in April.

    Probably only guilty pleasures:
    Girls ~ Hedwig, Alba, Ondine, Faustine, Elvira
    Boys ~ Adalwolf, Faustus, Wulfric, Leofric, Bartholomeo

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