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    British Names? What do Americans think?

    Okay here's some of my favourite names

    Tabitha Alice - I'm in Love with Tabitha and Alice is from Alice in Wonderland ,my favourite childhood story.

    Phoebe Valentia- Phoebe is my middle name and my great grandmas name, she didn't have the best life but basically raised my nannie and I thank her for that, she was also born on the same day as me. And Valentia is where my heritage is from, it's a small island of the south of Ireland, it is beautiful and so remote, I just have to use it!

    Isabella Wren or Robin - Isabella is beautiful any way no explanation needed there! And wren and robin, I love both, a Robin is my mums favourite bird also mine too but Wren is beautiful and more feminine, I also considered Robyn but to me it feels as one of those you nyk spellings:???:

    Thank you

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    These are all lovely! My two places of pause is that the a at the end of Tabitha and the beginning of Alice become a little choppy next to each other, and Isabella is incredibly popular at least in the US (still lovely though). Otherwise very nice though, great connection to Valentia (although my eyes keep wanting to make it Valencia or Valentina).

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    Isabella Wren is gorgeous. I am personally not fond of the other names. They are special to you and that is what matters in naming your own children.

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    Tabitha Alice - Tabitha is a nice name and I like Alice for the reason you do but I don't think these two work well together because the a at the end of Tabitha runs into the a at the beginning of Alice. Tabitha Wren sounds much better to me.

    Phoebe Valentia- This name is lyrical and my favorite of your three. It is made even better by the rich meaning it has for you.

    Isabella Wren or Robin - Isabella is way too popular in the US for me to be thrilled about it even though the name is beautiful. While I do like the name Wren, I think I prefer Isabelle Alice.
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    I love Phoebe Valentia, but I agree with the suggestion of Tabitha Wren rather than Tabitha Alice. Isabella is trendy so I think it's best avoided for now. I am British though...
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