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Thread: The Book Thread

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    The Book Thread

    Hello berries,
    I am starting this thread so we could talk about books. I know the most of us are book lovers so I though it would be great to discuss our favorites and to advice each other interesting ones.
    Firstly, I would like to get some suggestions from fellow classic-lovers. I feel like I have read a lot of the most popular classics and I don't know what to read next.
    My favorite writers are Anton Chekhov, Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie and Margaret Mitchell, I enjoy reading detectives and historical romances as well but I am not very keen on fantasy or sci-fi literature.
    Do you have any advice on what to read? I thought maybe some less popular writers but not completely unknown off because I live in non-English-speaking country and it's sometimes hard to get books by English writers(I prefer not to read in the Internet).
    So let's share our favorite books, writers and so. I am not quite a bookworm but I hope I can be of help too if needed.

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    By the way, if you don't hav any advice or suggestions, you can just share your favorite books. That would be great, too!

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    Ooh, Gone With the Wind is one of my personal favourites too! I also really enjoyed Anna Karenina which has some similarities to GWTW (although you'll need patience to get through the philosophy/politics/economics/farming parts that have little to no relevance to the story).

    I also love Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice, but most people are familiar with her

    An often underlooked classic author is Anne Brontë, sister of Charlotte and Emily, who has a very direct and forward style. I actually preferred Agnes Grey to The Tenant of Wildfell Hall which is generally known as her better work.

    Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's is good is you like something dark and gloomy (and quite sad). The general plotline is similar to the movie's, but not as glammed-up and polished- way, way darker and more horrifying.

    If you like memoirs, Jeannette Walls is great (haven't read any of her novels yet though), and Malika Oufkir's La Prisonnière (originally in French, but there's an English translation) too- I read it years ago but still remember parts so vividly. There's a sequel but I've never been able to find it.
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    Thank you, @bonfireazalea for replying. I agree that Lolstoy is a bit hard to read but he makes a good image of what life and community was like in Russia yaers ago. His works 'Childhood'(and all the autobiographical trilogy) and 'The Prisoner in the Caucasus' are interesting to read as well.
    Yes, I have started on Jane Austen's P&P but I haven't finished beacuse I lost the book. :grin: I will definitely look Anne Bronte up, I have heard a lot of her. As for Breakfast at Tiffany's, it's one of my favorite movies and I think reading a book will be interesting.
    Memoirs sound amazing, too. All the books you mentioned go to my look-up list, thank you.
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    Oooh, you're a Russian lit student. So cool! I took Russian history and language I'm school.

    I am also a big fan of the classics. Last year I read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend her books. She is not as well-known as Austen or the Bronte sisters. Have you read any George Eliot? I liked Middlemarch and Silas Marner. If you want to move into a slightly later time period, I have also started reading Edith Wharton. I will think about some more and get back to you as I am currently on my phone and typing is a pain. :-)
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