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    Louise and Louisa - Pros and Cons of each?

    Which do you prefer, Louise or Louisa? Why?

    I love that neither are in the top 1000 but are regonizable. Nicknames would probably be Lu and Lulu.

    What are the pros and cons of Louise? Louisa?
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    I prefer Louise, mostly because I don't think a girl's name needs to end in the ah sound to be pretty. Pros: unique choice, LuLu is an adorable nickname. Cons: a tad dated

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    Oh, I've always had such a soft spot for Louisa. I have loved it since I saw The Sound of Music and a little girl. In middle school, the spanish teachers gave us Spanish-y names, and Louisa was my name. I say the s in Louisa a little softer than in Louise. Louise has more of a "wheeze" sound in it when I say it. I do quite like both names, though. Lou/Lulu offer great nicknames.

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    I like Louisa better. Like lightsea said, I like the soft 's' in Louisa better than the harsher Loo-EEZ. Louisa is one of my favorite names!

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    pros - classic, easy to pronounce, familiar
    cons - dated, popular

    pros - underused, fresh but classic
    cons - fits in with the popular names Sophia and Isabella so might become one very easily.

    I prefer Louisa. Might consider it for a future baby.
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