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Thread: Ashby?

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    To me Ashby has always been more of a boys name but I think it's definitely usable for a girl too

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    For me Ashby will always be a main street in Berkeley, CA. I agree with the previous commenter that it will be confused with Ashley since the sounds are so similar. I like it as a middle name since it sounds like a surname. Many sweet combos have already been mentioned!
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    Ashby is a great name for a girl. i think Entertainment Tonight Nancy O Dell or another host has a daughter with the name Ashby. Don't change the spelling it's adorable as is!

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    I love it...for boys. I have a really hard time picturing it on a girl. I think with the right, super girly pair, it could work. I prefer it in the middle spot for girls, but that's just me
    Genevieve Ashby is really cute...
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    Thanks so much for the responses! Lots to think about.

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