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    I did both the incorrect and correct pronunciation of Alaric. I also did both pronunciations of Lucian. I'm not sure of the pronunciation of Gwydion.

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    I'm going to make a long list and pronounce everything in the suggestions page :P Now maybe when I say "I say it with a sort of soft barely there...etc" I can record it!

    And I uploaded the pronunciations of all my favorites names because I want them pronounced by other people. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I've put up Dantea's favourites, the master list without Dantea's names and Gwyddien. I'm not a native Welsh speaker but I did my best according to what my Welsh friend told me about the alphabet. I also used the modern Welsh spelling as it gave me a better idea of how to pronounce the middle.

    Haley's names are up now too.
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    Yay! Sticky. I came straight here when logging in. This may become my new favorite section of NB. I think it's something that's really been lacking in NB. I have the hardest time figuring out what people mean when they try and spell out their pronunciation of a name. Going to have a listen. Especially curious about Gwydion from you Ren. We'll be pronouncing it sort of like Damien and Caspian.

    Hmm, was going to record mine, but I say all those names almost exactly like all the recordings. I can hardly hear yours, Ren, had to turn my speakers up all the way. I hear two different pronunciations for Alaric, Apollonia and Lucian, but all the others so far sound about the same. Interesting. I didn't hear anyone tackling Arianwen and Ceridwen! Maybe I'll just record the ones that have different pronunciations so far so berries know how they'll most likely be said in California.

    Edit 2:
    okay, I went ahead and did the following. *Click*

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