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Thread: Camden?

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    Hey fellow berries.
    I last asked for help four and a bit years ago in naming our 3rd daughter Imogen Joan.
    Now baby number for is on their way and more than likely a girl.
    My husband is in love with the name Camden.
    We're originally from London and it was an important place to us.
    I love it for a boy but I'm not sure about it on a girl.
    What do you think? And what middle name suggestions would you have to maybe soften it a bit?

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    More suitable for a boy, but I can see it working for a girl. Camden Marsolet (a French surname I'm crushing on lately), Camden Lourdes, Camden Sophia, Camden Alexandra, Camden Grace?

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    Being both a place name and a surname, I view it completely unisex. I like it on both genders pretty equally!

    Definitely pair it will a decidedly feminine middle:

    Camden Lucille (I think this is my favorite)
    Camden Elizabeth
    Camden Amelia
    Camden Amelie
    Camden Esme
    Camden Louise
    Camden Elise
    Camden Eloise
    Camden Abigail
    Camden Isla
    Camden Josephine
    Camden Noelle
    Camden Nicole
    Camden Olivia

    Congrats, Good Luck & Happy Naming!


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    Thanks for the replies.
    Forgot to mention our last name starts with a K so although Camden Amelia and Camden Olivia are lovely choices the initials could be a little awkward!
    Quite liking Camden Skye.

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    A girl I was in school with recently had a daughter named Camden. It's not my style but it works fine for either gender.
    Camden Fiona
    Camden Louisa
    Camden Selena
    Camden Rhianna

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