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Thread: Pandora

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    Pandora is my favourite girls name. I really don't care about the story, seeing as the character wasn't evil or bad, just curious. Plus it means all gifted, which is a lovely meaning.
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    It sounds pretty, yet unappealing, if that makes sense. Too Pandora's box, Pandora bracelets, and Pandora radio.
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    She's gorgeous. My sister loves the name Pandora so I could not nick this name from her. But if I could I would. She's delightfully hipster, she sounds so vibrant and youthful. Yet would work on somebody older too. I also like the potential Adora nickname which could also work with the name Isadora. Pandora is a great name! She sounds so pretty!

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    I think Pandora, Cassandra, Delilah, Morgana, Jezabel and Lilith are all equally lovely names however, (with the exception of Lilith and Morgana), I don’t think I would use any of them. I probably wouldn’t use Persephone either but that’s just me.

    Religion, mythology and all that aside I think it really comes down to a personal choice of how much the myths and stories that shape one religion should influence how you feel about a name. I think that as long as you familiarize yourself with the history and make an informed decision anything bones.

    Here are my personal reason’s why I wouldn’t use each of these names:

    Pandora: As a type of golem Pandora wasn’t per say a “real” women, instead she was a tool, an instrument. - she was in fact created with a purpose. According to the myth a golem is inscribed with a word (either in its clay or placed in its mouth) that would give it its purpose of existence. She was given the gifts of “seduction” and “lying and deceit to punish man.” It’s not so much her story that bothers me but the “gifts” given to her by the gods that bug me - they are in general not traits I would want for a child of mine to have/embody.

    Cassandra: I hate that in the myth she was given the gift of foresight but cursed so that nobody would believe her when she tried to tell them of the horrible things she knew would happen. It must have been a terrible burden and not a situation I would wish on anyone - I wouldn’t want a name that is attached to such a tragic figure (I also wouldn’t use Antigone) so I wouldn’t give it to another.

    Delilah: In the Sampson and Delilah what bothers me most about Delilah her most about her is that she betrays a person who loves and trusts her - yes Sampson lies to her about the source of his strength at first but when he does trust her she chooses to betray him instead of trusting him in return.

    Morgana: For a long time Morgan la Fay was considered to be an evil sorceress who helped kill one of the most positive King figure in mythology. While her origins and more recent perception show her as a more misunderstood child and women, the long standing negative and evil association to her name do give me pause. Also Morgan is the german word for morning and as a native German speaker it always feels a bit odd to me.

    Jezabel:Also I don’t really like many J names so don’t really like the sound of this name all that much - there was a clear lack of incentive for me to get over her perceived whoreishness.

    Lilith: My biggest problem with her myth is that many still think of her as evil and that because of her connection to the archangel Samael has turned her into a demon. The recent evil Lilith characters in scifi that hold her name none of which really have redeemable characteristics makes this name difficult for me at the moment. However, I do like the parts of the myth where is refuses to be subservient to Adam and chooses her own path - wrought with bad decisions as it might have been. I would consider Lilith because it is the only Lili- version I’ve come across that I really like.

    Note: I’m using the word myth to describe a story within belief held by a group of people who share a religious persuasion. Please do not misunderstand my use of the word as a comment on how I feel about the validity of each story. I am using it for the sake of simplicity - I really don’t want to write a paragraph like this every time I refer to a story or myth etc.
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