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Thread: Pandora

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    I've always been Pandora fan! I love nn Panda too

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    Uh.. am I the only one stunned that there are people who named their children Pandora and Lucifer?

    First stunned and now laughing. People are crazy.

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    See, because this is my religion and I'm a priestess of it, I tend to know more about the stories than other people do :P So when other people sum up Persephone that way, I can say "Well actually, that was Zeus' fault too because Hades never kidnapped Persephone. He came to Zeus asking to be allowed to marry her and Zeus agreed. So Hades wasn't kidnapping her, he was taking her as a bride as was agreed upon by him and Zeus the way a lot of girls were put into arranged marriages at the time." So it looses some of the meanness that way.

    But yes, the deep conversations about these Greek names are really interesting and I know the depth of a lot of the stories more than most people do so you should feel free to email me if you want to have a conversation :P

    My friend who named his son Lucifer is a Luciferian and lives in a very non-Christian part of the country. His opinion is that he should be allowed to honor his god the same way other people are allowed to honor theirs. Whether you believe it or not, Pandora gets more remarks about her name than Lucifer does about his. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Love Pandora and think it is gorgeous!
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    Interesting feedback. I didn't expect such passionate answers! I feel a bit more educated about Pandora now.

    On a side note, I'm really nosey and want to know what little Pandora's middle name is but my sister didn't know, lol.
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