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    Cullen as a middle name - need help! :)

    Hello all,

    Me and DH are in a deadlock at the moment over a middle name for our DD. Having originally decided to leave the middle name blank, we've now decided that her middle name will either be Caitlin (pronounced Katlin) to honour my grandmother's middle name, or Cullen - a Scottish town near where we live and a name that we both like the sound of. However, the meaning of Cullen is "handsome lad" - not great for a baby girl and the Twilight connection when used as a surname slightly worries me.

    I'd really appreciate your impressions - I keep seeing the name Cullen on vans or streetnames at the moment and it feels like a sign that we should use it but I'm just not entirely sure.


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    Caitlin, one hundred percent.

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    The Twilight craze will die down soon and it'll be long gone when your child begins school. But to be safe, Caitlin.

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    I couldn't quite tell - do you live in Scotland? If you do I'd say there is no issue with using Cullen as a middle name. I'm so used to seeing surname names/place names etc. in the middle spot for girls here so I don't think the fact that it is 'masculine' makes a difference. About the Twilight thing - if you live near Cullen people are more likely to think of the place than of Twilight (I certainly would) so I don't think it would be a big deal.
    I really like the sound of Cullen as a middle name.

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    Caitlin. But honestly, MNs just aren't that important to anyone other than name snobs.

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