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    Psalm 23

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    If you weren't feeling bound by this trend, what names would you be considering?

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    I may come back later, sleep deprived, so I can only give you a few to start, maybe someone can come with a full name for some of these...

    Tabby : Tabitha (Unless having more than one child with the same first letter bothers you.)
    Jelly (I really wonder if anyone can come up with a fully name for this. Jelly Bean is also cute.)

    aspian Atlas Locke ▪ Ƶephyrus Alan Psalm
    Oberon ▫ Raphael ▫ Sebastian ▫ Orion ▫ Phoenix ▫ Edmund ▫ Jasper ▫ Solomon

    Łiliana Adelia Claire ▪ Ɲoemi Adlumia Fable
    Chrysanthe ▫ Juniper ▫ Isabeau ▫ Camellia ▫ Galilea ▫ Yara ▫ Chloe


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    @natural knew someone whose nn was Jelly and Jelly bean... full name Gillian

    baby bears Freya Ivy & Rowan Wyn

    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Iris.
    Sebastian, Finn, Callum, Heath, Hamish.

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    I like the previous suggestions of Lillian nn Lilly and Constance nn Conny

    Some more ideas:

    Carlotta nn Lotte
    Eleanor nn Nella
    Tullia nn Tully
    Amelia nn Minny
    Matilda nn Tilly
    Esther nn Essie
    Annabel nn Annie
    Harriet nn Hatty
    Sarah nn Sassy
    Appoline nn Polly
    Margaret nn Peggy
    Appoline nn Poppy
    Emmeline nn Emmie
    Gabriella nn Gabby
    Henrietta nn Ettie
    Sapphira nn Saffy
    Eulalie nn Lally
    Millicent nn Milly
    Alyssia nn Lissy
    Tamsin nn Tammy
    Bettina nn Bette
    Jasmine nn Jazzy
    Abigail nn Abbey

    Would like to know what names you like, if you weren't worrying about your trend

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